Trade Credit Portal – PAS Implementation


This PAS project aimed to replace existing legacy underwriting systems with Pega. This was achieved by using PUI FW, running the global financial lines, London markets and trade credit LOBs with a single system of record and portal as the front end. PAS, a transformation programme where major core systems like underwriting, core policy admin, document management and external channel systems were replaced with new age technologies like Pega for underwriting, SBS for core policy admin, NewGen for document management and Sitecore for external websites.

The existing trade credit policy administration system was replaced with a new Pega based BPM PAS which integrated with the various industry standard systems for claims, billing, and the orchestration engine.

About the Client:

The client is a leading specialty, public insurance group with offices in the U.S., the U.K., Spain and Ireland. They have transacted in approximately 180 countries and have underwritten more than 100 classes of specialty insurance. Their company was founded in 1879 with approximately 39,000 employees globally presented with different brands across South East Asia.

Business Challenge:

The client’s underwriting systems were built on legacy technology which over time affected the overall efficiency of their operations. The application landscape had become a conglomerate of various platforms and technologies and was therefore, extremely difficult for the existing vendor to manage and maintain.

The client realized that it had to focus on its core business for profitability and long-term survival and therefore decided to outsource Coforge to enable the policy dashboard for agent partners, fast, easy and seamless integration APIs, simplified and fast onboarding for partners. This allowed the client to focus on customers, simpler and fewer integration points for streamlined integration experience, meta data and classifications available as additional functions.

Our Solution:

Initially, two out of the five LOBs (trade credit and financial lines) were implemented. Coforge delivered other work streams (BizTalk, Sitecore portal) and coordinated with other vendors to implement other dependencies viz. eight more external systems. We also designed a set of reusable workbench capabilities which together became a TMHCC specific underwriting framework.

Delivering More Value:

By engaging with Coforge, the client could focus on its core competencies and maintain its leadership position in a highly competitive industry. In addition to technology and digital support, Coforge improved the client’s operational efficiencies and digital experiences. The client was empowered to provide standardized and consistent business services across their business. Coforge also assisted by providing oAuth 2.0 support and reusable solutions for use by both internal and external teams. A centralized glossary that identified and defined data in the same way, monetized API usage and a self-service oriented adoption were other positive outcomes of this project.

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