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Getting it right with LCNC | Delivering Business Value

Coforge switched focus in 2017 to becoming a global transformation leader, aiming to deliver greater value and effect more change within a customer’s landscape. Hear what Kishore Krishnan has to say about Coforge’s approach as their efforts switched to transformation projects while he chats with Pascal Bornet. Watch the complete webinar here: Getting it right with … Read more

Alfresco Framework for Pega

The Ability to Seamlessly Manage Cases and Content Coforge has partnered with Alfresco to provide a combined case and document management solution that harnesses the power of the Pega Case Management platform with Alfresco’s Enterprise Content Services. This framework enables the seamless management of cases and associated documents, ensuring that compliance and governance requirements are … Read more

Appian Continuous Delivery(ACD)

Coforge’s ACD solution provides a Continuous Delivery Framework enabling organizations to respond to increasing business demands by delivering regular releases with a faster time to market. The framework uses Appian’s Process Management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process. It brings together a number of the key DevOps processes, specifically: Continuous Integration, Scripted … Read more

Appian Insurance Underwriter Framework

Insurance Underwriter Framework (IUF) for Appian Coforge’s IUF solution enhances the experience of the underwriting process by leveraging the core underwriting functions and providing a 360-degree view by consolidating data from multiple systems. The solution empowers commercial lines carriers to accelerate the underwriting process by reducing manual work at an enterprise scale. The app’s Dynamic … Read more

Transform customer service or watch your customers and revenue shrink

Customer service is no longer a band-aid to cover up broken and inefficient customer value chains. Nor is it just some channel for customer interaction. It is now an essential orchestrator of customer interaction. Hence many organizations must change the way they understand customer service and digitally transform. This does not mean that organizations must … Read more

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