Watch the complete ‘Getting it right with LCNC’
webinar with Pascal Bornet & Kishore Krishnan

This webinar is the second in the ‘Accelerating your Digital Vision’ webinar series which highlights Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) and how it is revolutionising the tech space. In this webinar Pascal Bornet, author of ‘The Intelligent Automation’ and a global expert in Artificial Intelligence and Automation, talks with Kishore Krishnan, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales at Coforge about:

  • Why the adoption of LCNC is so rapid
  • How Coforge supports digital transformation with LCNC to deliver business value and change
  • The benefits of LCNC implementations
  • LCNC success stories

Pascal Bornet, Global Expert in Artificial Intelligence & Automation
Pascal Bornet is a pioneer in Intelligent Automation (IA) and the author of the best-seller book “Intelligent Automation.” He is regularly ranked as one of the top 10 global experts in Artificial Intelligence and Automation. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Bornet is also a senior executive with 20+ years of experience leading digital transformations for corporates. He is the founder and former leader of the “AI and Automation” practices at McKinsey and Ernst & Young (EY). Pascal is a LinkedIn Top Voice with over 1 million followers, he has over 150,000 + followers on Twitter and over 100,000 followers on Instagram as well. His newsletter has over 200,000+ weekly readers. He is a Forbes, Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review author and multiple award winner.

Kishore Krishnan, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales, Coforge
Kishore is responsible for delivering sustainable growth by helping clients across the globe with their large-scale transformation programs. He is particularly passionate about Low-Code/No-Code and actively promotes leveraging this technology to deliver business value and change. Kishore is a well-known public speaker who talks about a wide range of topics  including; business transformation, scaling low code technology, and workplace diversity and inclusion.

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